Will the WhatsApp profile feature change 
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Will the WhatsApp profile feature change

WhatsApp is working on a new feature to make the profile and background design more impressive. Currently this feature is under development in WhatsApp Business and was not planned for standard WhatsApp user accounts.

When this feature is enabled for beta testers, there will be some changes to your Business profile settings.

Profile feature changed for WhatsApp

According to this screenshot, WhatsApp plans to add a camera button to your Business Settings: you can choose a photo to use as a cover photo or take a new one. When other people (including standard WhatsApp user accounts) visit your business profile, they can see your cover photo.

Even though the screenshot is taken from WhatsApp Business for iOS, WhatsApp plans to offer the same feature in WhatsApp Business for Android. There is no known release date as the feature is under development, but a new story will be posted on this website once the feature becomes available to beta testers.

This year, the company offers a unique experience to its users by offering update after update. After the privacy agreement incidents last year, WhatsApp has regained its reputation.

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