Tiktok's Rival Announces Shorts Roadmap 
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Tiktok's Rival Announces Shorts Roadmap

Shorts, YouTube's TikTok competitor, is finally live in America right now.
After first testing the short-form video feature in India, YouTube launched the application in the United States.

Its launch in the US includes new creation tools that allow users to capture and share vertical videos of less than 15 seconds. These elements are expected to be implemented in the YouTube app and may be made available to everyone in the US in the next few weeks.

These new features allow users to shoot, edit and share short-form videos directly within YouTube's mobile app. Features include a countdown timer, speed controls, filters, and the ability to add and edit text as it appears in the video.

Users can find Shorts on the home page within a band of short videos ("shelf"), under long-form videos, and on the subscriptions tab if they subscribe to a particular creator. YouTube is also testing the addition of a mobile-specific Shorts tab.

Navigating Shorts works similar to navigating TikTok: Videos loop and users swipe up to move on to the next. After a Short is shared, viewers can like, dislike, and comment on it. Content creators can also add hashtags inside a Short description, and tapping # Shorts brings a viewer to the Shorts landing page.

Since announcing this feature in September, YouTube has been experimenting with Shorts, and content creators told Insider that the platform quietly supports short videos, increases short-term engagement, and provides access to some channels before Shorts comes out.

"We told content creators around the world if you want to add '#Shorts' to a video, even if you don't have the creation tools, that will make our system search your videos a little bit more," said the product Todd Sherman in the lead for YouTube Shorts.

?I think it's important for us to build this with content creators, audiences, and even more music industry partners,? Sherman said. "We just have begun."

The launch comes at a time when YouTube is trying to compete with TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat in the short-form video category.

Sherman said YouTube plans to continue developing the feature to become a place where creators can monetize, reach new audiences, and build sustainable businesses.

Features separating shorts from TikTok, Reels and Spotlight

In the coming months, YouTube plans to introduce the feature of using audio from videos across the platform in Shorts. YouTube expects users to use this feature to react to videos or reenact comedy skits. Content creators can disable this feature if they do not want their long-form videos to be "remixed".

When viewing a short video, users are expected to be able to view the source audio of a video, called the "audio pivot page". From this page, users can easily watch a song or listen to the full version of a sound.

It is also expected that creators will be able to pull audio clips directly from YouTube music videos by clicking a new "create" button that will cause a Short to be created.

?It's important that we build a shortform ecosystem, but it's something that will be linked to YouTube where you can go and find resources and even start creating content linked to YouTube Music,? Sherman said.

The first launch in the US is expected to feature a music library from more than 250 record labels and publishers, including Universal Music Group's record companies and publishing companies, Sony Music Entertainment and Publishing, Warner Music Group and Warner Chappell Music.

Sherman said as we test more user features, the Shorts team plans to continue improving the rendering tools and the playback experience.

Will YouTube creators be able to monetize Shorts?

The biggest question YouTube creators ask about the Shorts feature is whether it can make them a significant amount of money.

Creators often make money on YouTube from ads placed on their videos through YouTube's Partner Program.

?What we're doing now is taking a fresh look at what it means to make money out of it,? Sherman said. "Every time a new type of video appears, it usually requires a new business model. We think Shorts will be different from long-form YouTube. Ads shown before and in the middle of the video attached to 10 or 20-minute videos are not immediately applied to short-form videos. This will be developed around. I think it's a new business model. "

For example, Snapchat's Spotlight and TikTok each have dealing with content creators rather than relying on ad revenue sharing.

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