The Weird Mistakes Killing Tesla 
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The Weird Mistakes Killing Tesla

Tesla is trending to fail spectacularly. (CEO Elon Musk actually has an impressive failure history.) Tesla has been burning cash at an unsustainable rate, and it keeps making avoidable mistakes that weaken it. Here's what is weird: You'd think the firm's biggest problem would be that every large car maker was working behind the scenes to kill it.

However, with the exception of the dealerships (which I'll get to), the car companies for the most part appear to have worked harder to emulate Tesla than to destroy it. I expect that if Tesla fails, all fingers will point to Musk and the executive team as problems because we focus more on blame than understanding the cause of a mistake. This is problematic, because folks then don't learn from mistakes -- they just learn to dodge blame and avoid risks, which would be the wrong lesson to take away from this.


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