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Grand Theft Auto: A mode of San Andreas's Windows version, San Andreas Multiplayer is a Rockstar game with up to 500 players on one server, played online against players and friends from around the world. Original GTA: This mode of San Andreas brings you many changes and innovations. For beginners, players can choose their character from the police to the firemen, from the Latin mafia to the game's original hero JC, from hundreds of different 'skins'. - Added more than 500 new object IDs including stunt objects and land objects. - Change the interface font size. - Some new variations from San Andreas police skins. - Server control of car doors and windows. - Ability to add sirens to unmarked police cars. - A simple static actor system for easier creation of actor NPCs for stores. - Many bug fixes and new script features.
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 San Andreas Multiplayer

San Andreas Multiplayer

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