MY LITTLE PONY: Büyülü Prenses Download MY LITTLE PONY: Büyülü Prenses 6.9.1a

45 MB
language en
license:  FreeWare

In this free official game, based on the wonderful My Little Pony series, shoot the saddle towards beautiful friendship and adventures with Equestria's most popular pony! Collecting resources and making cute friends can also pursue their dreams by providing safety for every pony!

* MULTIPLE CHARACTER FROM 300: A prince, princess, adventurous cute pony or other surprises can come up! Give them a place to eat, ice cream, and listen to their words.
* * THANK YOU TO EXPLORE: A farm called Crystal Empire, Canterlot, Sweet Apple Acres, and more!
* * CREATING A BEAUTIFUL HOUSE: Sweet houses, Cute decorations and lots of magic for every horse from all the game cities to make the city of MLP beautiful!
* FANTASTIC TASKS: TV series in the adventures taken from your favorite stories. Confront evil characters like Tirek, King Sombra, Nightmare Moon, Changeling! Equestria Girls dancing games with each horse without calling the boy!
* CUSTOM FASHION: Shopping time! Make her look prince or princess in Pony with beautiful hairstyles in palace outfits and rainbow colors.
* FRIENDSHIP MAGNIFICENT: Chat with your friends and race at fun-filled events! Enjoy the city-building game and free game lovers; Twilight Sparkle, like Rainbow Dash, dream of farm life full of friends at MLP; ideal for those who want to become king or princess.
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