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2018 FIFA World Cup comes to FIFA Mobile! If you're new to FIFA Mobile, start building and managing your team with star Cristiano Ronaldo. Then develop the player you want to superstar level, attack your opponents and play every day for the daily content to be released during the season. If you are an experienced player, will you step into the sahara for the first time, FIFA World Cup? If you are already ready to compete in FIFA Mobile, a complete soccer experience is waiting for you.

Play in special modes and mappings, open regional awards and head to the FIFA World Cup. Play with any of the 32 countries participating in the tournament, test your national team against players from all over the world at exciting Counter-Attack matches and tournaments. Play in special mode with teams that can not participate in tournaments such as Italy and USA. Staffing Quests Strategically staff your team to win beautiful prizes. FIFA World Cup in real life? guess the outcomes of your matches, win prizes to improve your players and survive your team level. An additional bonus is the FIFA World Cup? the equivalents of the packages you purchased in the program will be added to the base Ultimate Team. One of the biggest events in the sports world is starting. Reviews
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