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Fatih Kalem application, developed within the scope of Fatih Project, which will enable more efficient use of interactive boards, is online.

Features of Fatih Pen
- Adds a transparent layer on the Windows screen, so you can write on the part you want on the screen.
-You can write on PDF files. You can write on pictures.
-You can write articles on web pages.
-You can write on the applications.
-You can write text on videos (also while the video is playing). You can write on the EBA Course.
-You can create a work area by curling any place on the screen. For this, simply select the part you want to show. You can add background pages.
- Library is available. You can add images here.
- There are 3 types of pencils in 6 sizes in 24 colors and 4 sizes of erasers.
-Forward and undo options are practical. There are ready-made shapes (mathematical) that you can easily create that can be used in lessons.
-The toolbar is customizable, convenient to transport, there are arrows at the bottom to move it to the right or left of the board. - You can quickly change the pen color and activate the eraser using two fingers at the same time. In the settings section, there are options to turn some features on and off. You can customize its features.

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 Fatih Kalem

Fatih Kalem

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