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Road of Kings - Endless Glory is an exciting new empire simulation RPG that brings together strategy war games! You will live the life of a king! Immerse yourself in imperialist rule, political intrigue, violence, wars, strategy and romance down to the last detail.

In particular: You can turn on PEACE MODE so you won't be attacked by others!

Featured Features:

-  Become king and build a harem, fight for your honor and love.
A romantic interaction will take place between you and the seven beautiful, charming women (depending on your personal attractiveness, there could be even more)! Attractive princesses from different countries such as England, Japan, China and Egypt. When the princesses start dancing, no one will be able to take their eyes off them!

-  Collect legendary heroes
Recruit heroes to your army and complete combat missions. Each hero has a 3D model and unique abilities! You need to add heroes to your favorites!

Enjoy valuable prizes
Awards do not affect your business! Automatically send your hero into battle - even when you're away from the game, you can get lots of rewards! You can save wealth thanks to the idle mode. Unlike other strategy games, no one can completely destroy your kingdom in this game! Just enjoy the game!

-  Build a family, raise your children lovingly to be intelligent individuals!

-  Alliance
Make friends and make new friends from your enemies, fight for your throne!

-  Join PvP
You can play against other players from all over the world and fight for your honor!

Will you want to invade enemy countries, capture rival Lords and have their queens-  Will you free prisoners of war-
Or will you choose to become a peace-loving king, marry a princess and start a family-

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 Road of Kings - Endless Glory

Road of Kings - Endless Glory

Road of Kings - Endless Glory

Road of Kings - Endless Glory

Road of Kings - Endless Glory

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