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Jump into Me is King is a farming simulation game set in a prehistoric island village! Dominate your tribes with the decisions YOU make!

Overcome your cavemen and make them do your bidding! Unlike other farming simulation games or decision based games, you make the decisions and choose how they do it.

Manage your resources so your decisions will advance your civilization and turn prehistoric cavemen into skilled farmers, warriors and hunters.

Me is King is a lively farming decision game full of prehistoric wonders, weird decisions and not-so-smart kings. Cut down trees to build houses, expand your village with decisions that will affect your tribe forever.

Grow prehistoric fruits and vegetables, hunt ancient dinosaurs and dictate what your tribes offer you in tribute!

- Decision Making: Make your choices wisely and watch your tribes grow, or choose them badly and watch your village be destroyed!
- Daily Farming: Grow your crops and you won't be a survivor forever!
- Resource Management: Some cavemen are suitable for hunting and some cavemen are suitable for farming!
- Simple Controls: Choose what your villagers should do and wait for the magic to happen!
- Adorable Art: Is there such a thing as cute cavemen? Of course there is!
- Prehistoric Village Tribes: Make decisions that will affect the lives of your villagers and turn them into the best tribe this world has ever seen!
- Watch Time Pass: Time is ticking in your village, so watch it come and go every day!
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 Me is King

Me is King

Me is King

Me is King

Me is King

Me is King

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