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Choose from 11,000,000 pre-recorded lessons or create fully personalized lessons with what you love.

If you're learning languages ??for your job, you can also create personalized lessons for 60 professions.

Bluebird uses the scientifically proven technique of spaced repetition, so you will learn quickly and not forget for a long time. Just listen and repeat – it's that easy.

Learn 163 languages ??with hands-free mode. No typing or scrolling required. Learn while exercising, cooking, commuting or relaxing at home. You can study your Bluebird lessons over the internet with smart speakers like Google Home or via your TV.

In each language you will learn:

* 2,000 high frequency words. (84 percent of everyday speech includes these powerful words.)

* The 100 most used verbs – with past, present and future conjugations.

* How to make complete sentences by yourself.

* How to manage dozens of everyday situations.

* How to make complex conversations.
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 Learn 163 Languages

Learn 163 Languages

Learn 163 Languages

Learn 163 Languages

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