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A3: STILL LIVE, it finally begins!
 Game Introduction A3: STILL ALIVE is a dark fantasy open world RPG with a fully integrated battle royale mode on mobile.

 Game Features
A3: STILL ALIVE offers a variety of competitive PvP combat modes that players can enjoy alone or with a group. Dark Presence: Open space 100 vs 100 large scale battle mode with unlimited PK between two teams in the dark! Fight to survive in the darkness of the red moon.
Attention! Your allies or guild members can suddenly become enemies!
Try to survive in the dark with your team by beating crazy players!
 Battle Royale: A survival game mode that ends with a single winner.
A real-time war of survival where 30 players fight under the same conditions!
Experience the tension that comes with the fog of war as the battlefield shrinks by the minute.
Earn rare and special loot as the last survivor!

 Soul Linkers: A new generation of combat partners.
No need to fight alone!
Strategically choose your Soul Binders based on the situation to become ruler of the battlefield! There are more than 270 different types of Spirit Binders divided into 3 types: ATK, DEF, and SUPP.
Become the ruler of the battlefield with the assistant of Soul Linker's Ultimate powers!

 Guilds: Fight a variety of strategic battles with clan members.
[Conquest] Steal or steal! Conquer more provinces while fighting the rival guild!
[Forte's Seal] Enjoy the multiplayer mode with guild-specific raids!
[Guild Festival] Join the festival with other guild members in your guild hall to win a set of Guild Chests with special items!
 Wide Open World!
Explore rich environments like snowy fields, deserts, forests, and more!

 5 Different Classes with Unique Game Styles
[Templar] A magical melee character who uses a hammer to pull divine power from within and a thick shield to counter upcoming attacks.
[Sorcerer] A magical ranged character who uses an enchanting ring to remove powerful attacks.
[Berserker] A physical melee character who uses a massive ax and cursed force to pulverize the enemy.
[Archer] A physically ranged character who uses accurate shots and swift moves to play with the enemy.
[Assassin] A physical melee character who dives deep into enemy lines to unleash a series of attacks.
A3: STILL ALIVE Download
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