March 21, The Arrival of Spring 
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March 21, The Arrival of Spring

21 March 2021 The day heralds spring. The spring festival, also known as the Nevruz Festival or the equinox, is very close.


March 21: Northern and Southern Hemispheres, Sun rays fall on the Equator at noon at an angle of 90 °. Shade size is zero at the Equator. As of this date, sun rays begin to fall perpendicular to the Northern Hemisphere. As of this date, the nights in the Southern Hemisphere begin to be longer than the days. The opposite happens in the Northern Hemisphere. This date is the beginning of Autumn in Southern Hemisphere and Spring in Northern Hemisphere. Enlightenment circle is tangent to the pole. On this date, the Sun is seen at both polar points. The times of day and night are equal to each other in the world. This date is the beginning of the six-month night at the South Pole and the six-month day at the North Pole.


M.S. Celebrated with various activities and enthusiasm since the 2nd century, Nevruz means "new day" in Persian. It is celebrated in different ways by people in a vast geography from Central Asia to the Balkans. Nevruz is a day where each nation identifies and symbolizes its own cultural values ??and is greeted with enthusiasm, in essence celebrating the arrival of spring.

It represents the emergence of the Turks (Göktürks) from Ergenekon, the arrival of spring and the awakening of nature. It is celebrated as a Spring Festival every year from the 8th century BC to the present day by all Turkish tribes and communities from East Turkistan to the Balkans.

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