20 years old Counter Strike legend 
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20 years old Counter Strike legend

There is no one who does not know about Counter Strike. Even if anyone does not play, he must have heard his name. Counter Strike, one of the most popular survival games, has been 20 years since its release.

The Counter Strike series entered our lives in 1999. Counter Strike, which has been changed over the years and has not lost its dynamics, has never lost its place among the most popular of this genre. Counter Strike, which was first released as Half-Life game mode by Valve Corporation on November 8, 2000, later became a game in itself and became one of the legends. COUNTER STRIKE GENERATION Counter Strike was one of the games that caused internet cafes to overflow in the 2000s. Developed 20 years ago, Counter Strike has had a different place in the game world since the day it was launched.
Counter Strike, which started its life as Half Life mode in 1999, was bought by Valve in 2000 when it attracted great attention and became an independent game.

WHAT IS COUNTER STRIKE? In Counter Strike, players take on the roles of counter-terrorism forces and terrorist militants who oppose them. In each round of the game, two teams are tasked with either reaching the goals of the map (such as setting bombs, rescuing hostages) or defeating the other by eliminating all enemy troops. Each player can customize their weapon and accessory arsenal at the start of each match, and currency is earned at the end of each round.

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