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Date: 2012-05-06
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What is a wordlist? How to create? What is the importance of Brute Force operations? Friends mentioned something called Wordlist is nothing more than a list of passwords. If you want to create a very simple example wordlist immediately open a Notepad. We write 10 lines of writing in each row and six-digit numbers are recorded. When you do this, we have created 10 pieces of 6-digit password hosts a wordlist. But brute force process to create a list so that we can have a place. How oluşturucaz this list E do? I've attached the Wordlist Generator program. These programs will give information about the B section. Now the importance Wordlist'in Brute Force process we used let's! What is important in the process Wordlisttir Friends Brute Force. Because encryption software testers to try the wordlist. If it is not comprehensive and does not list wordlistiniz wrote in your victim's password can not be found naturally in the program code. So you should try your hand as much as large wordlist. B-) Wordlist Generator Use of Program: Yes friends now program çıkartıyoruz program zipped file named after discount in the zipped file and launch DICTMAKE.EX.

Creating a secure password

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