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Find WiFi passwords for free internet access all over the world.En popular WiFi application. FIRST in 50 countries FIRST in Travel category in 100 countries 100,000,000 WiFi points! USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil ... America, Europe, Asia, Russia and CIS, Middle East, Oceania - THE WORLD IS ALL IN YOUR PUB! FEATURES: - WiFi points all over the world - WiFi points with tips and passwords - Smart cafe, hotel, city and country SEARCH - MAP navigation - Define your VALID POSITION offline - Real time customer SUPPORT. -Brezilia, São Paulo: 50'400 -China, Shanghai: 3'800 -France, Paris: 1'900 -Germany, Berlin: 2'300 - Italy, Rome: 2'100 -Mexico, Mexico City: 10'100 -Russia, Moscow: 24'700 - Spain, Barcelona: 1'800 -Thai, Bangkok: 6'100 -Turkey, Istanbul: 7'500 - United Arab Emirates, Dubai: 3'200 - England, London: 3'800 -America United States, New York: 2'400 - AND 100,000 CITIES

Finding wifi password for android

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