Vodafone Telekomünikasyon A.Ş. Vodafone Yanımda 9.2.3

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Date: 2019-05-17
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You just have to ask. Download Vodafone Yanımda now; win by the time, you can easily get your work done there. <br> <br> Vodafone Self Service application, with the new name: Vodafone Yanımda. You can download the Vodafone Handset application to your phone and do a lot of work on your line without paying a fee * and you can follow up the special opportunities ... <br> <br> What's in it? <br> <br> You can learn about the remaining usage in your schedule, . <br> You can pay your prepayment, you can download the Mobile Lira (Prepaid lines). <br> You can change the tariff, buy additional packages. <br> With the iOS widget, you can easily follow up your remaining usage and your car at any time. <br> Keeping your 3G open, you can easily handle many tasks from opening and closing your line to using abroad. <br> <br> Vodafone Customer Service for these? You do not need to go to Vodafone Mobile Centers or search for your locations.

vodafone app for android app

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