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Toy Blast color matching game for iphone
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Date: 2019-12-31
Toy Blast
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color matching game for iphone
The best puzzle and matching game with magical world and empowerers! <br> <br> Join Amy's fun world and help her collect the precious toys! Match two or more of the same color cubes and save them from the place where they are late and squeeze their toys. <br> <br> Be careful, saving the toys will not be so easy when the moves are restricted. Help the super helpers solve this super addictive puzzler <br> <br> <br> Break the cube and join this colorful world <br> <br> Help Amy to make your face smile. Play with the most fun toys and they also carry you to the magical world of Amy. Break down the colorful cube and fold the fun using various helpers! <br> <br> Other features of Toy Blast <br> - Excellent graphics and fun gameplay - The most colorful toys, cars, rockets, babies <br> <br> <br> - A lot of difficult and thoughtful part <br> - Strengtheners to help you, paint buckets, TNTs, brooms <br> - After every level special gifts <br> - Easy to learn, fun to play, but difficult to master <br> <br> - Ability to play with friends on Facebook
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