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Speedify is a new kind of VPN that lets you use Wi-Fi and 3G/4G mobile data together for fast, unbreakable Internet no matter where you are. With Speedify, your phone or tablet just works better: intelligently giving you seamless Internet as you go about your day, and a speed boost when you really need it. Get Speedify now and enjoy 1GB per month absolutely free! Speedify for Android Features: * Bond Wi-Fi and mobile data networks at the click-of-a-button * Free 1GB of data every month * Enjoy blazing fast HD video streaming, uploads/downloads, and web browsing * Seamless hand-off between networks ensures that your music, podcasts, videos and other streaming media never lose connectivity * Access to our global network of Speed Servers on 5 continents * An easy-to-use app with an exceptionally designed interface * Helpful support that responds within 24 hours What the tech press is saying about Speedify: "Combine...Internet connections into one super fast pipe" -Lifehacker "Cloud based app that combines all your internet connections but appears as only one IP address? -Engadget ?Even a single stream such as a Netflix movie can be split between two...Internet connections for a higher resolution and faster buffering?

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