Spades Plus Spades Plus

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Dubsmash 4.1.0 Dubsmash 4.1.0
iPhone video karaoke

ICQ 7.6.3 ICQ 7.6.3
CQ app for android

WhatsApp Messenger 2.18.101 WhatsApp Messenger 2.18.101
iphone WhatsApp Messenger

Trendyol 3.9.6 Trendyol 3.9.6
Shopping app for android

Rise of the Kings 1.4.3 Rise of the Kings 1.4.3
strategy game for iphone

Migros Sanal Market 6.2.0 Migros Sanal Market 6.2.0
migros application for iphone

New programs
Vivaldi fast web browser
Ninja Fishing Ninja Fishing download
Viber popular messaging program
Dubsmash Android video karaoke
Dubsmash iPhone video karaoke
Touch VPN vpn application for android
logoxnet access to banned sites
MAME32 Plus! Arcade Machine Emulator
CreaMail Arcade Machine Emulator
Touch VPN Arcade Machine Emulator
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