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Date: 2012-12-16
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ProAgent today is most powerful and talented monitoring spy software / monitoring software is one of the. ProAgent your spouse, your kids, your employees are doing on the computer, or you want to keep track of any perfect solution for anyone! ProAgent all the keys pressed on the keyboard, all the writings of the active window, all websites visited, usernames and passwords used by the computer software and much more, e-mail address you specified when creating the server will report, as well as completely confidential! All kinds of ProAgent system is designed to work seamlessly. Of the PC is behind a firewall, router, or network to be in the back does not pose any problems for ProAgent. ProAgent continues to run smoothly in all these cases.

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iyi günler ben test olaram mailime gönder dedim yanlız göndermedi sorun mu var proğramda anlamadım maile göndermiyor elimde yahoo var birde siz denermsiniz yada deneyen veya kullanan arkadaş varsa yazabilirmi
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