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Date: 2020-10-17
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Podcast Player,The most beautiful state of your fluff! Player FM 300,000 den more podcasti brings to your fingertips. With this application you will never miss your favorite programs again.


& nbsp; Do you have more than one device? The player has FM and lets you synchronize between your devices!

Are you traveling without internet? Set podcasts to auto-download so you can listen even when you're off-line.

Do not you know what you're going to listen to? The Explore FM of the player proposes new and loved shows every day.

Is not enough place? Keep it on your SD card

Are you having trouble finding great podcasts? You do not have to search for advanced search, and you search for definitions, even chapter show notes.

Are you following a lot of shows? Organize your own subscription categories and organize shows, eg comedy, morning sports, etc. You can even share it with your friends

Is it too slow or quiet? Player FM's advanced playback controls include speed control, intelligent silence skipping, and automatic audio enhancement.

Is there an offline media file? Play with Player FM and take advantage of our advanced controls.

Do you finish the season before you go to bed? Adjust your sleep timer and protect your charge.
Do you want to find the podcast you listened to last week? You can access the history of all podcasts you listen to.

Do you like videos? Player supports FM videos and makes it easy to find them with our video chat.

Are you interwoven with technology? Player FM is compatible with Android Wear, Android Auto, Chromecast, TeslaUnread, TalkBack, Samsung Gear S notifications, LG Quick Circle ?, Music Boss, Podlove Subscribe, Drivemode, RockScout and many more!

Listening to music for ios

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