Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş. Maximum Mobil 3.5.2

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Date: 2020-10-09
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From credit card management to campaign follow-up, to Cinemaximum ticket purchase without limit; Maximum Mobile n nFREEQUARTERS You can see all your special campaigns, including all your special campaigns and campaigns, easily join campaigns, get discount codes and view your campaigns. At Cinemaximum you can also take a look at the upcoming movies and watch the trailers, watch your trailer, get your cinema ticket without having to enter your room, your session and even your seat. You can now use the Maximum Mobile to purchase gift cinema tickets with your maximum cards! You can take advantage of your Cinemaximum CGV account by defining it on Maximum Mobile. N n PREMIUM nShopping at your store or e-commerce site, you can pay with your QR code even if your card is not with you. NMaximum Mobile? You can give your invoice payments one-button payment and effortlessly get paid. With the newly added feature, you can buy current codes from League of Legends, Facebook, Da Vinci Kids and Spotify online with your defined card from within the Digital Code market menu. You can pay your invoice payments with one-touch payment and effortlessly perform your payments. NMaximum Mobile can easily pay for your Petrol Ofisi stations at your Petrol Ofisi stations without having to pay for your fuel purchase .. You can view and order your favorite products of your neighborhood Or you can repeat your past orders on the Meal. You can also assign a one-key feature to your Food Cart order. NYou can take advantage of the upcoming Maximum Menu opportunities. N nCONSUMENTS nYou can instantly see where you spend your credit cards, instantly see your expenses, repay your expenses or postpone. NYou can easily raise your limit every time you need it, you can withdraw cash in installments instantly for your cash needs. nYou can control the debt and points information of your bank cards, request the change of account date and limit increase, manage domestic, foreign and internet shopping privileges of your cards. n you can postpone your card debt, apply for a debit card, and access the account statement for your Debit charges. You can pay your card with Maxipuan, or you can issue a debit authorization. N nYou can also apply for a credit card instantly. N nNe Dilersen on Maximum Mobile! "

Maximum Mobile app for android

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