Turkiye Halk Bankasi A.S. Halkbank Mobil

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Mobile Banking has never been so pleasant and user-friendly! ? From Z? Ate renewed Halkbank Mobile banking app? Halkbank Mobile ?, where you want your banking transactions, special design in order to perform at any time, with a different user experience and ease of use it offers now Apple Store? Da!? Productive Turkey? The Bank? Halkbank? In Services and innovations awaiting you in mobile banking application: -You can perform your banking transactions safely without entering customer number and password information by logging in from mobile branch, customer number, password and password you can access from the application or by encrypting password. Mobile? you can now safely make your entries with FastGir * - at any time and place you wish with Halkbank Mobile Branch; you can follow your account movements, make your EFT and Money transfer transactions with the money transfer option, view your credit card details, pay your credit card debt and mobile phone bill. -More on page? My Last Actions? In; you can view the last transactions you have done, Halkbank Mobile Branch, you can easily re-perform the transactions you have done. - With the Favorite Account and Favorite card application, you can provide the desired account and card information on the home page of your mobile application. Thus, your transactions, your favorite account and your favorite card will be automatically selected. -What's on the big page? As you can follow your daily payments in the section; ?Contact us? you can share your opinions and suggestions with our bank. - Without entering the mobile branch, market segment, the nearest Branch

HalkBank application for iOS

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