Game Insight Guns of Boom 12.1

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Date: 2019-12-22
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Guns of Boom is a multi-player FPS. The two teams face each other in a large-scale environment. Both casual action style and graphics remind you of superb PC classics like Team Fortress 2 or the newer Overwatch. <br> - Easy and instinctive controls: Pump your opponents from the very beginning! <br> <br> Great graphics for sluggish playability: Stylish levels and cool animation will stick you to the screen <br> <br> - Automatic shoot: all you have to do is to make the opponent plus sign. <br> - Dynamic battles: play in a team and split into pieces! The more active you are in the battle, the better the reward will be! <br> - Warfare: 48 weapons to choose from machine guns, assassinations and sniper rifles, pistols and others. Each has a unique feature: increased head injury, slowing enemies and even sucking health. Find a weapon that matches your game style! <br> - Clans: collect a gang from the gun pangs, choose an emblem and name, and start managing the servers! Join a battle with your clan members and show them who is the boss! <br> - Explosive entertainment: free mobile shots to beat your heart! Arms of armor, soldiers!

fps battle game for iphone

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