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Date: 2020-04-02
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Make a note on your mind quickly and then get a reminder at the right place or time. Speak a voice memo on the go, it is automatically converted to text. A poster, take a photograph or document receipt and then to easily organize or by calling. Google Keep in mind a thought or a list makes it easy to save and share with friends or family for later use. <P> Reviews Save on your mind? Google Keep notes, add lists and photos. Do you have less time? Record a voice memo and Keep will convert text to help you locate it later. </ P> <p> Reviews Share your ideas with your friends and family? Keep sharing notes with others in real time and plan a way to easily surprise your party collaborating with others on the notes. </ p> <p> immediately found Reviews of thing you need? Note to continue your work quickly edit and encode them by coloring and adding labels. You find something that you save with a simple search revealed when needed. </ P> <p> Always accessible Reviews? Keeper; Your phone, tablet, runs on your PC and Android wearables. Everything is synced across all your devices you add, the plan would thus have always with you. </ p> <p> The right note at the right time Member? Do you need to remember to take something from the store? Set a reminder based on location, your shopping list when you come into the store to give you automatically. </ P> <p> Reviews available everywhere? Chrome on the Google Keep on the web and you can try the to address can be found at the Web Store. </ P>

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