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Free Keylogger is a secret and small tool for recording keystrokes, applications used and websites visited, and records details in a secret log file.
It is designed to be compact, discreet and highly efficient, allowing silent monitoring of various activities on the target computer. It covers most areas of interest, such as web browsing, software use, and text input.

It records this data and provides a detailed picture of how the system is used. The Free Keylogger works with minimal text input capturing; this is equal to every keystroke recorded. No password will remain hidden and no messages will slip unnoticed while using this app.

Also, anything that the user copied to the system clipboard, every URL visited and linked is captured and then logged into a report. There is a password required when extracting content from the zip (not a fan of this app) the password is 123. Also note that this is a keylogger, you'll get some hits with Virus Total.

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