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LEARN ENGLISH FOR FREE AND WITH NO ADS<br />? ? ? ? ?<br /><br />BEST ENGLISH LEARNING APP OF THE YEAR<br />? With Engly it's easy to learn English vocabulary, word pronunciation and the most commonly used sentence patterns just by watching English movies, documentaries, advertisements, educational and entertaining videos! If you are new to English or want to improve your intermediate / advanced English skills, download the app now and learn English for free!<br /><br />LEARN ENGLISH WORDS, EASY AND FAST<br />? As you watch the videos, read English sentences from the subtitles and click on the word you want to know about, and Engly will show you the Turkish translation of the English word! See also the pronunciation of the special words our instructors have specially chosen for you and learn the usage of these words in sample sentences. Moreover, add English words to your personal word list as you like and practice English whenever you want, thus learn English easily.<br /><br />WATCH ENGLISH VIDEOS TAILORED TO YOUR INTEREST<br />? Choose your areas of interest, and Engly will present the best English videos to you! Accordingly, learn English words with pleasure and high efficiency only from English videos that interest you, not from the long vocabulary lists given in offline courses, thus making the process of learning English videos easier.<br /><br />SEE CONTENT EXCLUSIVE TO YOUR ENGLISH LEVEL<br />? Choose your English level and let Engly customize the difficulty of English videos! Watch English videos tailored to you within beginner, intermediate and advanced levels and learn important words our instructors have set for your level. With Engly, it is not only possible for fresh starters to learn English from scratch but also for advanced English speakers to improve their English skills!<br /><br />TRACK YOUR PROGRESS WITH ENGLISH TESTS<br />? Test your knowledge by solving English quiz after watching the videos. With your answers to the questions, measure whether you really understand the video. In areas where you think you are insufficient, repeat the tests at any time, reach better scores, and improve your English.<br /><br />LISTEN TO PRONUNCIATION OF ENGLISH WORDS<br />? With Engly, easily learn how English words and phrases are pronunciated while watching the videos. Also, listen to the pronunciation of the words that our instructors have selected especially for your level, by clicking on the words. Pronunciate words correctly while speaking English, thanks to Engly.<br /><br />PRACTICE ENGLISH ANYTIME, ANYWHERE<br />? Learning English whenever you want is now possible with Engly! You can also use it wherever you are and improve English for free: Improve yourself by watching English videos, listening to English songs, solving tests at school, at work, at home or on-the-go.<br /><br />ENTERTAINMENT AND ENGLISH EDUCATION COMBINED<br />? It will be very fun and easy for you to learn English idioms, proverbs and English conversation phrases used in daily life from entertaining English videos. The difficulty of learning English vocabulary, which is the biggest problem of those who start English from scratch, is now solved with Engly. By watching the videos, you will learn English grammar rules and English sentence patterns while memorizing meanings and pronunciations of new words much easier. You will also develop your ability to understand what you listen and read as you learn English from videos and read subtitles.<br /><br />FREE ENGLISH EDUCATION<br />? If you are asking around 'how to learn English for free', don?t worry, you are at the right address. You can practice English with Engly whatever your English level is, and learn English with so much ease. Download it now to learn English videos!<br /><br />SHARE THE LOVE<br />? Do not forget to share Engly with your friends. Make sure they learn about the fun way of learning English and benefit from easy English education too. Of course, it's free for everyone learning English

learning English by watching videos

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