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In the year 2072, the world is surrounded by zombies. It has to live in underground or in abandoned buildings. There are a group of survivors who want to collect another living thing called MPS-16. They are traveling around the world to find production and survivors. <br> <br> Activated radio There is news, some scientists say they live there. Thus, MPS-16 has set out to rescue these scientists, hoping that a medicine can be created to save mankind. The Dead Valley in the Middle East is the target of this extremely dangerous journey. <br> <br> A museum of history is where the team has been trapped by many zombies in the early hours of the adventure. The MPS-16 has to fight overnight with several weapons and supplies. There is a secret that he can absolutely believe in the goals of the team after that time. ZOMBIE WARFARE: Dead Man is an extreme FPS game: <br> - A large number of weapons that give you real experiences <br> - Experience realistic 3D characters and environments <br> <br> <br> ZOMBIE WARFARE: Dead Man is an extreme FPS game: You can choose your best teammates and weapons for your tactics <br> - There are a lot of skill and weapon effects <br> <br> Defend the ground and tackle the world's other opponents <br> <br> Save the other victims of the war and find new weapons and weapons > - We are facing a lot of dangerous zombies and bosses

zombie game for android

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