Cyberfoot 2010

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Date: 2017-06-16
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What CyberFoot? Cyberfoot coach of a football simulation game. Advanced tactics, installations, visual player, the player features, game play is very easy to buy and sell. Key Features Fast CyberFoot flour. You do not have to wait for hours between two matches with a fast engine. Dynamic system. 4 divisions with 10 clubs (20 clubs or in the second set), then the winners will play Champions League or Libertadores Cup. Multi-language support. In English, Portuguese, Spanish etc.. play. Argentina, Italy, England, Turkey can play the national leagues. In addition, members can also add more leagues in our field. Low-level requirements: The minimum configuration required to play SSM is a P1 100MHz, 32MB of RAM and an 8MB video card! Game Improvements - free for registered users of new features and extras are eaten.

Teknik Direktör Similasyonu

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